Sell SA240 TP201,SA240 201,SA240 SS201 Stainless steel bevel

SA240 TP201,SA240 201,SA240 SS201 Stainless steel bevel

1. What we do?
Unitedsteel Stainless warehouse provide ASME SA240 Stainless steel plate Bevel,Groove and cutting disc stainless steel machined parts .we have 1000tons tp316L,tp310s,tp304l,tp321, tp304h, tp316h,tp310h, tp321h Stainless steel plate stock.

Besides that, our factory also provide the CNC Cutting platform and water cutting platform. Disc cutting, special parts cutting, stainless steel bevel and stainless steel groove service. Our machined precision to min 0.2 for the surface of machined.

Our cutting service had approved by Mexico and USA, and Canada Project.

2. Our mainly stainless steel grade for ASME SA240
SA240 TP202,SA240 TP201,
SA240 TP304,SA240 TP304L,SA240 TP304H, SA240 TP304N, SA240 TP304LN
SA240 TP316L,SA240 TP316, SA240 TP316H,SA240 TP316N, SA240 TP316LN,SA240 TP316TI
SA240 TP309S, SA240 TP309H,SA240 TP309,SA240 TP309Cb
SA240 TP310S, SA240 TP310, SA240 TP310H
SA240 TP347,SA240 TP347H,
SA240 TP348,SA240 TP348H,
SA240 TP321, SA240 TP321H
SA240 TP317L,SA240 TP317
SA240 TP444

3. Products Service of our unitedsteel warehouse.
Stainless steel plate
Stainless disc steel plate.
Stainless steel cutting
Stainless seamless pipe
Stainless seamless Tube
Stainless welded steel pipe
Stainless machined bevel
Stainless machined groove

4. Our Stainless steel thickness
Stainless plates
0.25mm-150mm thickness
Width: 20mm to 2500mm
Length 20mm to 10000mm
Max weight of each plate 6 tons.
Stainless seamless pipe
outer diameter 3.2-200mm,
Wall thickness 0.5-12.7mm

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