PVC Film Laminated Metal Sheet Composite High Strength Stainless Steel Plate

PVC Film Laminated Metal Sheet Composite Various Design Stainless Steel

Laminating products for home furnishing are the company’s main business. These products have not only excellent properties as products for home appliances, but also various types and unique feelings by hand — giving a sense of being at home (laminating sheets for home furnishing without cold metal feelings can be customized).

Products Description

Our product is produced by coating 2 or more layers paint applied on Cold-Rolled (CR), Galvanized Steel (GI), Electrolytic Galvanized Steel (EGI), Aluminum (AL) and Stainless (SUS) base-steel, and then cut into sheets. The base metal could be 0.3mm ~ 1.2mm thickness. It is also called prepainted steel, pre coated metal sheet.


Main technical parameters ( Film laminated metal sheet )
1 Base metal cold rolled steel, hot dip galvanized steel, electro-galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheet, etc.
2 Base metal thickness 0.3~1.2mm.
2 Base metal width ≤1350 mm
3 Finished product thickness:
PVC film laminated metal sheet Base metal thickness + 0.13~0.18mm.
PET film laminated sheet Base metal thickness + 0.08~0.1mm.
4 Back paint paint, both side laminated film, without any process
5 Protective film self adhesive protective film or non-glue Protective film
6 Supplying status Plate packing: width≤1360 mm, length≤5000mm
coil packing: width≤1360 mm, N.W≤5 T, ID: 510 mm

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